Manito Park in Spokane, Washington is full of all sorts of recreation for the family and nature-lovers! With a variety of gardens, more than one playground, picnic shelters, a duck pond, and a conservatory, this is a perfect place to spend the day! Sit back and relax or take a nice hike through the 90 acres of beauty.


Located in Spokane Washington, Manito Park is a beautiful park situated just south of Interstate 90, near the 17th block of Spokane’s South Hill.

Manito Park has 5 gardens:
Duncan Garden
Perennial Garden
Rose Hill
Nishinomiya Japanese Garden
Lilac Garden

Manito Park has 2 playgrounds for young children:
Upper Manito Playground
Lower Manito Playground

Other attractions at Manito Park include:
Gaiser Conservatory
Duck Pond
Park Bench Cafe
Stone Bridge at Loop Drive
Picnic Shelter
Old Bungalow Homes at Manito Place

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