Logs Online is a family owned & operated business offering premium quality kiln-dried logs for sale in the UK, Spain and Ireland. We carry a wide assortment of logs such as kiln dried logs crates, ash logs, oak logs, birch logs, hornbeam logs, and more. We sell only premium quality products that contain low moisture content ensuring ready to burn and high heat output. We aim to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers by offering them with high level of customer service PLUS good quality products at lowest prices.

We pride ourselves in serving our customers with charcoal & BBQ, Pizza oven logs and Briquettesin the UK. Ordering for kiln dried logs, kindling and loglites from Logs online is an easy and popular option because we offer a Money Back Guarantee on all these products.

If you are unsure about any of our products, simply email us your requirement or call us on 0330-097-4302, we will help you choose the best product according to your needs. Our 24hour customer chat will ensure you’re able to speak to our assistant at any time of the day.

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As a Green Business we are in compliance with environmental regulations and take voluntary steps beyond compliance in the areas of• Pollution Prevention , • Energy Conservation , • Water Conservation , • Solid Waste Reduction

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