LiquiTech provides a multi-barrier approach that offers the best available water quality solutions tailored to each environment’s unique challenges. We offer end-to-end solutions that improve water quality from point-of-entry to point-of-use, including our copper silver ionization disinfection technology which is State and Federal EPA-registered for the eradication of Legionella in drinking water.

For over 20 years, LiquiTech has been a pioneer in highly effective technologies and services that secure water delivery systems against water pathogen risks. We provide the industry’s most comprehensive water solutions platform, while also meeting the unique needs of each facility. Our solutions include multi-barrier protection; water management plans; filtration; secondary disinfection; water analysis, testing and validation; and real-time, cloud-based monitoring and control systems overseen by specialized engineers.

LiquiTech’s copper silver ionization disinfection technology is supported by more than 100 independent research studies and is the only state and federal EPA-registered technology for the eradication of Legionella in drinking water. Our clients include healthcare, hospitality, commercial, industrial and government facilities, with more than 1,800 installations around the world. LiquiTech is a veteran-owned company.

Products: Point of Entry Filtration, Ultraviolet Disinfection, Copper Silver Ionization, Point of Use Filters, Spartan Testing, Multi-Barrier Approach

Services: Water Testing & Validation, Water Management Plans, Remote Monitoring, Maintenance Services

Specialties: Copper Silver Ionization, Bacterial Control, Water Disinfection, Legionella, Domestic Water, Green Building, Chemical Free, ASHRAE 188P, Water Treatment, Healthcare, Water Management, Ultraviolet Disinfection, Point of Entry Filtration, Point of Use Filtration, and CDC Elite

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As a Green Business we are in compliance with environmental regulations and take voluntary steps beyond compliance in the areas of• Water Conservation , • Solid Waste Reduction

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