I and my husband, Promito, have been in your shoes. Finding a photographer for us was stressful. As a couple, we have a very subtle way of showing love. We are a bit private and enjoy the little moments between us. And that is exactly how we wanted to be photographed. We didn’t want the photographer to try to show something that we are not. We want our photos to show the kindness, warmth, and emotion that we feel for each other. We researched, looked at so many portfolios, and made Pinterest boards, but failed to have the experience that we were looking for. That is why I came up with my “showing your real love” approach. An experience that shows the “YOU” through pictures. My brand focuses on tapping into the heart of your personality and bringing out the best aspects of your relationship through photos. I will not make you try some traditional couple poses that do not represent your relationship. My posing and approach will be unique and curated based on YOUR STORY. Let’s get together and cherish your timeless romance!

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