Lemons to Lemonade is all about turning hardships into opportunities and emerging as a winner. Run by Dr Rachel and associates, Lemons to Lemonade provides life coaching and psychological services to help anyone who needs guidance through a rough phase. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed at work or stuck in a wrong job or a toxic relationship, Lemons to Lemonade will help you find different perspectives and innovative ways to cope with your situation for better, favourable outcomes. We provide clinical psychotherapy, career & business counselling, parenting workshops and life coaching in general. Our facility is based out of Broughton Retail Park, with ample free parking space for our clients.


Address: Adlink House, 86 The Hwy, Hawarden, Deeside, Wales CH5 3DJ, United Kingdom

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We have been certified as a Green Business/Service by the following organization(s). Lemons To Lemonade LLP

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