Green Stream is pleased to announce about opening e-commerce website, Green Stream Chemicals and Soaps is your one stop shop for all things industrial cleaning! Our two biggest priorities are customer satisfaction and preserving the environment. We offer a wide range of industrial cleaning products, all of which provide COST EFFICIENT, GREEN alternatives to current products on the market. Products you can find:

• Heavy-duty work gloves
• Industrial hand soaps
• mop heads
• T-rags
• Microfiber wipers
• shop towels
• oil absorbent materials (absorbent socks, polypropylene mats, quilted mats)

Green Stream strongly believes in reusing and recycling. Our sister company, Closed Loop Recycling, launders used T-rags and oil absorbents, which ensures a reduction in company costs, paperwork, labor. Green Stream takes pride in helping to create reusable waste streams- water, oil and absorbents.
The Green Stream difference lies in a strong commitment to providing businesses with environmentally friendly options for industrial cleaning that save your company money. The staff has dedicated their careers to ensure that we’re doing the best for both Mother Nature and for businesses. For more information on Green Stream products or partnering with Closed Loop Recycling’s laundering program, contact Jon Chisholm at or 314-269-1065.

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