Green Resources Consulting is the leading green resources consulting firm in Missouri and Kansas. We utilize the best resources that help us to facilitate a healthy environment, not just for our planet, but for ourselves, and our children. Everyone deserves equilibrium in the environment. Our main focus is to utilize bamboo extensively in the production of products that are sustainable and renewable.

We have FFP3 N95 masks that filter 99% efficiently particles as small as .007 microns, while N95 face masks efficiently filters 95% of microns .3 and larger. This is significant when talking about the Coronavirus because the virus is .1 microns in size. Other products like our sheets are made from bamboo fibres which are naturally antibacterial. Our customers continually tell us how incredibly soft, much softer than 1800TC cotton, they are. At the end of the day we want to know we did what we could to help maintain a viable planet for future generations because there is no planet B! Green revolution is not just about planting new trees but also protecting the environment in whichever way you can. With the increase in carbon footprints, people have now realized its adverse effects on the climate change which is happening worldwide.

The idea of the green revolution can be initiated through Bamboo farming as Bamboo is the natural carbon absorber. Bamboo acts as a natural reservoir that absorbs CO2 emitted in the air due to human activities. Promoting Bamboo farming would turn out to be effective step towards carbon offsetting. It is important to manage carbon footprint to avoid global warming and thanks to the companies reducing carbon footprint in action.

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