Green Horizons wants your house to be energy efficient AND environmentally friendly. That is why this company works to offer a variety of services for homes and buildings in North Carolina. Ranging from advising homeowners on a healthy home to actual physical services for buildings, you can trust your structure will be in safe hands. Whether is work on the crawl space or help with the air-conditioning, Green Horizons is here for you!


Green Horizon was founded in 2007 by Bobby Ferrel and Walker Harris based on three beliefs about buildings.

1. They should be efficient in their energy use.
2. They should be healthy for their occupants.
3. They should minimize their impact on the environment.
We provide a comprehensive range of services for homeowners, businesses and builders alike in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Charlotte and surrounding areas.
Offering detailed home assessments, we begin by advising homeowners on the best path to an efficient and healthy home, and then we make it happen. Like our Whole House Promise states, we are not tied to any one technology or materials, so we are able to offer our customers solutions that are tailored to the needs of their specific home or building.
Our services for home and business owners include heating and cooling, insulation, crawl space, geothermal, and other energy efficient services.

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