Globetrotter Guru is a new female solo travel blog that helps women in their 30’s to quit jobs that they hate in order to work remotely and travel the world.

It is run by Amy Trumpeter, who holds an MA in South Asian Studies and a BTEC in Social Media for Business. Amy has over 15 years of travel experience including the Trans-Siberian railway and working with genocide survivors in Rwanda.

The aims of Globetrotter Guru are…
To learn (and help others learn) about religion and culture through travel.
To teach women in their 30’s how to be a digital nomad and encourage the laptop lifestyle.
To raise awareness about women in both developed and developing countries including health, wealth and relationships.

Amy is passionate about eco-tourism and volunteering and reviews eco-friendly accommodation. She writes about international development and travelling in developing countries. Amy also writes about travelling with health conditions such as asthma and epilepsy.

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