Starting with a coconut, bring it on for your happiness and health with Genius Juice!


At Genius Juice, we believe health = happiness. We start with a young thai coconut, sourced from an organic farm in Thailand. The good fats in coconut meat statistically boost brain function and the potassium in coconut water energizes the body. By blending coconut meat and coconut water, we make coconut milk and use it as a base for our line of smoothies: Original, Apple, Kale, Cacao, Carrot and Berry.

We infuse our coconut smoothies with whole fruits and raw superfoods rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals to detoxify and rejuvenate your body. Genius Juice will heal and transform your body from the inside out by reducing inflammation, supporting improved digestion and maintaining your body in a state of balance.

Our products are Non-GMO Project Verified and cold-pressed using High Pressure Processing (HPP). This process leads to the elimination of harmful bacteria while maintaining a high yield of nutrients. For more information about HPP, please visit

We believe Genius Juice provides your brain and body with the fuel and energy to thrive. Try one today and get a taste of genius!

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