India is one of the most sought-after trip destinations in the world. All parts of India, from North to South and East to West, are full of rich cultural legacy in the form of stunning architecture and its history. So those who come to India fall in love with it so much that they either come back to visit the same year or even settle down in different parts of the country like Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

A trip from the SFO to India is a very daunting one both from a price point of view as well as the moment it takes to reach the destination. But if you manage to plan a budget-friendly trip, then make your bookings during the low season months. The recent flight bookings indicate that March and April are the cheapest months of the year to plan your travel to India. You can easily book comfortable and affordable flights from SFO to India during these months. So, try to make your travel plan on weekdays and book the most reasonable flights with FlyUS Travels.

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