At Fashion Foresight, we strive to connect brands to the future through technology solutions and innovative concepts that align with the objectives for fashion and retail brands. We are located in Dubai and are driven by innovative and technological solutions for fashion and retail brands. Our creative transformation solutions enable brands to engage customers in a whole new way with the power of immersive technology through Virtual & Augmented reality experiences, Immersive fashion runways, Immersive stores, Immersive showrooms and 3D modeling products. We also assist brands in understanding the value of their data and how to create opportunities to collect it, leveraging business intelligence through the existing Data collection, Consumer insights, Trend forecasts and Market research. We are aware that consumers and audiences now engage in different ways, so here at Fashion Foresight, we focus on what those hybrid new ways may mean , we strive toward innovation and how we can shape them for the industry.

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