We are America’s largest independent investment advisor,* ranked #1 for quality in 2019 by Barron’s.** This is in part because we relentlessly focus on giving you the financial advice and investment management services you want, need and deserve. And we do it both for your retirement plan at work and the rest of your personal finances, too. The advice you receive from us is personal, objective and easy to understand. And we have been doing it that way for more than 30 years.
Today we serve more than 1.1 million clients across the country, more than any other investment advisor. At our heart, though, we’re people from all walks of life, helping Americans from all walks of life: people who remind us of our parents, our friends and neighbors — and ourselves.
Edelman Financial Engines helps you reach your financial dreams so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s about family and community, not just about managing your finances. Because, after all, personal finance is more personal than finance. Our comprehensive approach, backed by technology that we pioneered, helps you and your family achieve your financial goals:

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