Eco Construction and Maintenance Management, LLC got its start in 1993 as an HVAC service company. In 2004, Eco quickly expanded its services to include electrical and plumbing divisions, eventually turning its focus to total facilities maintenance and facilities management. Eco’s corporate headquarters are located in Lake Mary, FL. Eco offers an innovative alternative to traditional facilities maintenance solutions. Eco is on-call and on-line 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Eco provides a superior level of service across the United States, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, as well as internationally in Canada, Mexico, and all of Latin America. With a focus on procedural efficiency and cost effectiveness, Eco has streamlined the maintenance process for its clients. It is Eco’s dedication to excellence that produces exceptional results. Eco’s approach is perfect for clients with dispersed real estate portfolios.

Facilities management provides tremendous opportunities for environmentally friendly choices. As a green company, Eco operates in ways to minimize damage to the environment. Clients with both large and small businesses need to manage their facilities efficiently, affordably, and with the environment in mind. Green thinking can yield cost savings while contributing to a healthier workplace and a less polluted world. Using its green knowledge and passion for the environment, Eco Construction and Maintenance has taken the green movement a step further.

Eco’s Green Initiatives Include:

-Solar Energy
-Trash Collecting
-Trash Recycling
-Wind Energy
-Green Roofs

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