Eco Chemical is a specialty coatings company. We custom design and manufacture paints, stains, and other coatings for our customers’ unique needs. Eco Chemical is the largest manufacturer of waterborne wood stains for the wood preservation industry in North America. For over 18 years, we have supplied most of the pressure treated lumber companies in the western U.S. and Canada with our stains.

Eco’s environmental practices are good business. Eco waterbased stains are designed to meet the rigorous challenges of the wood preserver, while providing a high quality, envir0nmentally-sound product to the end user. All of our stains meet or exceed federal and state air and water regulations.

Eco’s stains are manufactured in highly concentrated (3:1) form and shipped in
275-gallon totes. On the west coast, we have operated a highly successful tote recycling program with our pressure-treated lumber customers for over 15 years. This saves dramatically on shipping costs and removes thousands of 55-gallon barrels per year from the landfill.

We can help you add significant UV protection and beautiful stain colors to your products. Our sales force will work with you to help you design a staining station and specify the right equipment for your application. Our R&D laboratory will work with you to build the stain and color that best suits your market.

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