Founded in 1980 by Kate Burroughs and David Henry, Harmony Farm Supply was a pioneer in the Organics Movement as a supplier of organic fertilizers, ecological pest controls, and integrated Pest Management monitoring tools. In 1982, irrigation system components were added to the offering. In 1990, Harmony Farm Supply moved to its present location where it added a Nursery as well as more products (including Photovoltaic Solar products). Since then, Harmony Farm Supply has been the leader in providing CCOF Certified Organic vegetable starts. In 2007, Kate and David decided that they wanted to be growers rather than retailers. They sold the business to Rick Williams in July of that year. Rick and his wife Leah are committed to carrying the “sustainable” baton.

All of us at Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery believe that we need to be good stewards of the earth. This means: Encouragement/support of Organic Farming and Gardening which is the “Natural” way. Growing plants & controlling pests without the use of poisons or toxic materials. Water-wise Irrigation Systems. Using Solar Electric Photovoltaic for Agriculture, Residential & Commercial applications.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal! This means: For 30 years, Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery employees have been the experts in the organic growing industry. Our sales staff is top notch! We sell products that meet the California Organic Foods Act or the National Organic Program. Selling quality product that meets our goal of excellence. We help you get the job done organically!

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