Worlds GREENEST Fire Log. Made In America. We’re everyday people just trying to do something great.

Our Mission

At American Green Products, we stand behind the truth!! We believe that Earthlog fire logs are the best fire log product available on the market. They burn hotter than wood, create up to 80% less smoke and the minimal smoke you do get, actually smells good. That’s because we make the Earthlog using a closed loop, zero-waste production process and we use just 2 simple ingredients: clean waste paper and fully refined, scrap candle wax. Our raw materials are locally sourced as well. We know the Earthlog is a great product, but at AGP, we want to be more than just a great product, we want to be a great company. That’s why we give back to our community.We work together with local non-profit organizations to help those in need through job training programs and scholarships. Being green just got easy!! Earthlog fire logs: THE GREEN ALTERNATIVE.
Our mission is to continue to make the highest quality fire products from 100% recycled resources, in order to prevent valuable post-consumer materials from being discarded on landfills and the like. We transform these materials into quality products that our consumers can trust and use with confidence all year long. It has been an exciting journey thus far, and we don’t plan on quitting any time soon. As we move forward, we will continue to add new products and new jobs- American jobs!  We are very proud to make such a great product right here in America and we love that we are able to help support our community and its residents.

What we do

American Green Products is committed to doing our part to help save the planet. By using ONLY post-consumer materials, American Green Products is helping reduce our carbon footprint and the demand for raw materials from our natural resources. American Green Products manufactures all of our Earth-friendly products using only 100% recycled waste products.

How we do it

What started as a simple of an idea has grown into a blazing venture! Earthlog fire logs were first developed in the kitchen of the founder while trying to find a useful way to reuse the waste paper that arrived every day in the mailbox. The idea of that first fire starter grew into an even larger fire log and Earthlog has not slowed down since. We started in the kitchen of the founder, grew into 2 warehouses, and now growing into our new, state of the art, 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Huntington Beach, California. The original Earthlog has evolved and ignited a full line of green fire products, including the all new “The Original Earthlog Citronella Fire Log,” and there is much more to come!

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