DAS Services, Inc. has been working in the industry since 1987 and our primary work is in Southern California and Southern Idaho, but we are offering our services across the United States. We are widely known for providing new ideas, futuristic designs, and customer support with reliable quality to small-scale firms. We are delivering a large range of automation components at very reasonable rates.

We have the latest innovative automation products from Pisco, Convum, Pneumadyne, Vessel, and more. We are known for delivering high-quality services and robust customer support. Whether you are in an established or small-scale industry, we are here to help you out.

We have expertise in delivering quality products at the best rates. We have featured categories of products such as special nippers, pressure gauges, convum vacuum accessories, manual actuated valves, and much more. We have 30 years of legacy in the industry and are one of the finest manufacturers and distributors in the industry. You can simply contact us by exploring our website Dasservicesinc.com.

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