Custom cookie cutters are popular amongst professional bakers just as much as anyone whose day job isn’t Baking or Cake Decorating and are just having some fun creating cookies and cake decorations for their own functions at home, work or a social club for their events. With the ability to quickly design and make almost any idea, supplying these tools to help you make cookies for any occasion is possible and at very short notice. When it comes to our custom cookie cutters, the number of designs and styles is endless, only limited by your own inspiration! You could choose a simple cutter outline or a stamp with detailed embossing to replicate your desired image, design, font or logo. The cutters and stamps can be used on either cookie dough or fondant to be placed on top, or else to cut and stamp fondant to use to decorate cakes. We also supply our products to schools and artists for clay modelling and jewellery making. Our custom cookie cutters and stamp in Australia are made to suit our customers’ requirements. We work with you to make your idea and theme come alive allowing you to create awesome-looking cookies and cakes with ease.

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