Coast of Main Organic Products excercises the tradition of organic composting in the New England territories. Using such foods as mussels, salmon, kelp, and bark, Coast of Maine exhibits a unique and nutritious compost product. If you are looking for an organic compost for your garden, look no further than Coast of Main Organic Products!


There is a long composting tradition in Maine and Maritime Canada, especially among the region’s salmon, wild blueberry and shellfish processors. In the late 1980’s the State formed the Maine Compost Team – a group of specialists from the State Departments of Agriculture and Environmental Protection and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service – to help many of these processors set up successful composting programs.

This expanding line of organically approved plant food and compost-based soils represents a real environmental win-win: we are finding important new uses for our region’s natural resources and introducing our customers to a cost-effective alternative for growing beautiful, healthy, disease and pest resistant plants.

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