In an ideal world, we would receive all the nutrition we require for a healthy life from our food. It is a sad fact that these days, this can only be achieved by taking nutritional supplements. Through intensive farming, our soil has become so exhausted of its necessary minerals that the nutritional excellence of our food has fallen dramatically. We are not eating the same quality foods that our grandparents ate. These days, a lot of fruit is import and harvested before ripening and may be held in cold storage for many weeks until appearing in the supermarkets, this decreases the nutritional value of their vitamins and minerals. Many foods are extremely processed and ingredients, such as preservatives and fillers are added. A loaf of bread can contain over a hundred ingredients including coloring agents, preservatives, insecticides, fungicides as well as traces of chemicals used in the manufacturing processes. So instead of our food being our source of nutrition, it can seriously compromise our health. As nutritional supplements advisors, our reason is to show you through the maze of nutritional supplements obtainable and to offer you in-depth and well-informed advice on their use-and we offer this service free of charge. We will share with you not only the benefits but also some of the pit falls. For example, what are listed as ingredients on the label may not precisely match the contents of the bottle, or the quantity of a particular vitamin or mineral may be way below the required effective amount. For further information, regarding standards for labeling dietary supplements, visit this website: Personalised Nutritional Therapy. Our aim is to give you with useful information and to guide you to companies producing only high quality products. You will find that this site will be regularly updated as we continue to research the latest information for you on nutritional supplements. Wishing you health and vitality.

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