Looking to register a boat online? At Boatregistration.online, we provide fast and efficient Yacht, jet ski, canoe and water scooter registry services at very low cost under Dutch flag. Call us at +31654952624 for more info!

Dutch Boat Registration Services is a market leader for boat registrations under the Dutch flag. In recent years we have helped thousands of boat owners successfully register their boats under the Dutch flag.

Why would you register your boat in the Netherlands?

  • Low rates: boat registration is cheap in the Netherlands
  • Little hassle with papers: yacht registration is easy and cheap in the Netherlands
  • Little bureaucracy: this means that we can handle your request very fast
  • Flexible legislation: much less strict than in most other countries
  • Unlimited access to European sailing areas: also at sea


Yes. We then create an English limited company (Ltd.), which becomes the owner of your yacht on paper. This means you don’t need an EU co-owner to whom you must assign 50% of the ownership of your yacht in order to register it in the Netherlands.

An all-in worldwide registration under the Dutch flag!

  • International registration of your yacht and registration in the Dutch land registry.
  • You will receive an international call sign, AIS number and a MMSI number.
  • You will receive a Dutch Certificate of Registry
  • You will receive a Dutch tonnage certificate if your ship is no longer than 24 meters. If your ship is longer than 24 meters you must provide your own tonnage certificate.
  • An extra useful part of Worldwide Registration is the application of Microdots on your yacht; this can be used to identify your yacht anywhere in the world in the event of theft of your yacht.

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