If you are looking for the Best Reiki Courses in Kensington, then contact Atelier of Life. As individuals, we inhabit this planet. We are bound to be forever connected. Imagine yourself, myself, and many other souls as teeny tiny dots that float across the earth. Don’t we all just want to find our place under the sun? As we float, we meet other teeny tiny dots. We send out our energy and we receive the energy back. Teeny tiny dots start lighting up. More shining souls want to join. More teeny tiny dots want to light up. More glowing souls — better the world. So, for more details must contact them. We Offer Reiki and crystal Healing therapy. Helping you feel good from the inside out, clearing any stagnant energy that you may be holding onto. Reiki is a complementary therapy and it works alongside other medical and therapeutic techniques.


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