Art Of Uniformity is an apparel brand that provides you with sustainable, unique, and versatile clothing that tells a story. We understand that apparel is a form of self-expression that is specific to each individual. However, there are classic pieces that we usually go back to from time to time. We provide you with these basic uniforms with a dash of creativity and novelty. With sustainability as our prime focus, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint in all our production processes. Right from the procurement till final sale, we ensure to maintain the highest standards for protecting the environment and the people. All our products are made from organic material that does not use any chemical treatments. Having a domestic production in Los Angeles allows us to save resources on transportation and reduce environmental impacts. With upcycling and recycling as an essential part of our production process, we transform and create something new from what already exists. We also ensure that our suppliers and manufacturers are vetted to make sure that they honor and fulfill sustainability and working environment standards. Our online shelves cater to you with unique products that include Sustainable Medical Apparel, Upcycled Uniform Artwear, Designer Graphic Tees, Premium Sustainable Apparel Basics and Accessories. For details about our products, visit our site at &

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