In the Hawaiian language, aloha means “sharing the breath of life.” At ALOHA, we aim to do this by making health simple, fun, and accessible.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become needlessly complicated. False claims, conflicting messages in the media, and weak regulations in the wellness industry are constant sources of confusion. We are increasingly exposed to stress and environmental toxins that compromise our health. ALOHA works to address these challenges and make an impact.


We believe that the best nutrients come from whole foods, but even the most health conscious among us aren’t able to get everything our body needs from food alone. ALOHA provides the nutritional support you need to help maintain your already healthy lifestyle — plus a little nature-made oomph, just for good measure.


I founded ALOHA, built on my passion for creating responsibly made, high-quality products and simple health solutions. Together with my fearless and hardworking team, we’re making a difference on our journey towards better health and happiness.

Constantin Bisanz
Founder & CEO, ALOHA.com

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