We founded our business on a simple philosophy, that producing clean electricity directly from the sun is the right thing to do for our environment and economy. Over the last ten years, our leadership helped shape national and local solar policy, opened new solar markets, and developed pioneering solar power products that are consistent with both our philosophy and our vision of solar panels on every sunny rooftop. As we celebrate our last ten years of success in the solar industry, we are excited about shaping America’s solar power future over the next decade.
About Westinghouse Solar
For more than a century, the Westinghouse name has stood for reliability and innovation. It began in 1886, when George Westinghouse introduced the first alternating current (AC) electrical system which soon powered every American home and business. We’ve been a leader ever since – developing solutions that deliver safe and efficient electrical energy while introducing smart products for the home that bring comfort and convenience to the lives of millions.
Today our innovation is the spark behind Westinghouse Solar. Building upon our legacy of dependability, we are making residential solar power – like the sun itself – accessible to everyone. Westinghouse Solar Power Systems are safer, more powerful, and more reliable than any other while backed by the proven quality of the Westinghouse name.
Westinghouse Solar fits the way you live, allowing you to power your home safely, cleanly and affordably.
Brightly, like the sun.

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