Who doesn’t like getting sick? Especially when you know you are going to get great care. When your son has a high fever and you’re stuck at work, or your daughter fell off her bike a little too hard during bike practice and it seems like she is never going to stop crying about that skinned elbow or you can’t stop the pricks from the hives, even with that new cream your doctor prescribed. It’s annoying. But it’s even more annoying when the other option is taking your son to an emergency room if you need urgent care in Burlington, MA for an illness or injury that’s not life-threatening, look no further than AFC Urgent Care Burlington, We offer urgent care in the Burlington area for patients of all ages. Our medical team is staffed with medical professionals that are dedicated to ensuring your health and overall well-being. Our caring physicians can be seen in as few as 15 minutes, and we’re open seven days a week.

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