Together, we can save lives
We’re on a mission to make defibrillators as common sense and commonplace in community spaces as seatbelts are in vehicles.
Each and every day, around 60 Australians die as a result of a sudden cardiac arrest – a condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating.
Because cardiac arrests occur without forewarning, they often take place in community places such as holiday parks, restaurants, gyms, businesses, and shopping centres.
Local business owners and community leaders that want to offer safe environments for their customers ensure they have an automated external defibrillator (AED) on site and within easy access.
A defibrillator helps to restore the heart’s normal rhythm and it can increase chances of survival by as much as 80%. This means that the lives of nearly 50 Australians – our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends – could be saved every day.
Treatment is required within a few minutes, so having the confidence to use the defibrillator is as essential as having one nearby.
The Heart Smart program provides the education and support to empower people working in public places to take action in the moments that matter.
Because together, we can make community spaces safer by empowering everyday people to save lives.

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