At We Level Up we constantly train and apply best practices to achieve lasting results”.  “We know what it takes to achieve positive outcomes and use innovative cutting edge therapy that’s personalized for each client”.Our programs are robust from medical detox to residential inpatient rehabilitation coupled with dual-diagnosis mental health treatment to get to the underlying cause of many client’s emotional pain and trauma triggering the addictive behavior.  Addiction Treatment Facility West Palm Beach Director of Clinical service, Lauren Barry, Holds a Master’s from Nova Southeastern University.  Lauren is a both a , Master’s Level MCAP, Certified Addiction Professional and a licensed Family plus Marriage Therapist.  With work in the treatment field since 2014 providing individual, group and family therapy and with work at We Level Up for multiple years she Lauren is a leader and champion for client recovery. She  has a strong passion for helping clients and their families suffering from addiction and mental health challenges .

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