3PSolar is the pioneer solar retailer driving the region’s shift to renewable energy. We have extensive knowledge of solar energy, power storage in its different applications, installation and upgrading residential solar panel systems, and installing solar for the largest commercial and industrial companies and government organizations that lead to smart power sources.

We, at 3PSolar, are developing the future of energy by resolving the difficulties of solar energy systems and guiding the evolution of electricity production towards greater affordability, dependability, and sustainability. We choose to reinvent the energy future to help construct a better society for future generations.


We aim to provide our customers with a power-abundant, reliable, cost, and eco-friendly electricity source for a sustainable future by smartly introducing solar panels to homes, offices, and various industries.


We choose to be the leading provider of sustainable energy solutions. We will accomplish this by adhering steadfastly to our fundamental beliefs and core values by:

● Playing a central role to achieve a solar-powered planet by making Solar affordable, easy, convenient, and accessible for all customers.

● Understanding customer expectations and continuously improving our products and services.

● Become the ideal and conducive environment for maximum productivity by creating a culture that encourages performance excellence and teamwork.

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