Jeff Goldblum The Fixer

What would you do if you were locked in a room with the biggest corporate polluters on the planet? Would you give a speech on climate change or a powerpoint on your Clean Power Plan? Maybe team up with Leo diCaprio, Ed Begley and Mark Ruffalo and try a little corporate waterboarding on a few evil fossil fuel execs? Well,  the League of Conservation Voters teamed up with Jeff Goldblum and  Funny or Die  to spoof the Fixer theme and share a few laughs while pricking our collective eco-conscience. In the video, executives gather to try and find a tobacco industry-like fix to their problems. Nevermind Big Tobacco or Volkswagen, these “nincompoops” and “garbage people” are about to be Goldblumed by “The Fixer.” Check out the video (and then sign the serious petition to help stop big polluters).

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