Switch On. Switch Off. Switch Over. IKEA makes the change for a brighter future. Starting August 1, 2010, IKEA will begin to phase out all incandescent light bulbs in their US stores. This recent IKEA environmental initiative has a target date of incandescent bulb elimination by January 1, 2011. The aggressive IKEA US store phase out program exemplifies IKEA’s strong commitment to helping their customers live an everyday sustainable life. IKEA will be the first US retailer to completely phase out incandescent light bulbs.

“IKEA is committed to integrating sustainability into all IKEA strategies and practices in the entire product life cycle. We also believe our customers are looking for every day environmentally responsible solutions for themselves. Eliminating incandescents is a simple way to lead the charge for IKEA customers to use energy saving light bulbs, thus reducing energy consumption and reducing the amount of greenhouses gases. It’s a little step with a big impact on our planet,” commented Mike Ward, US IKEA President.

The IKEA phase out will come in advance of the federal legislation that will begin to phase out incandescent light bulbs in 2012. IKEA is taking the lead before this new legislation takes effect.

“It’s important for major retailers to take a step, because what they do will have a major impact,” commented an IKEA Stoughton, MA store customer.
IKEA customers will have a good choice of other effective energy saving bulbs. While the compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) is the most popular bulb, IKEA also offers a range of LED lamps which are 70% more efficient than using incandescent bulbs. IKEA Halogen lamps which consume 30% less energy are also a great ‘white light’ alternative. And beginning fall, 2010, IKEA will offer a halogen bulb which can be used in a standard light socket. This is called a retro-fit halogen bulb. IKEA also offers solar powered lamps including their SUNNAN desk lamp and their ‘SOLIG’ range of outdoor lights.

“By only putting good options on the shelf, retailers can make it easy for customers to do the right thing–in this case, reduce their energy use and impact on the environment,” said Jason Clay, Senior Vice President of Markets at World Wildlife Fund (WWF). “As the first major retailer to completely phase out incandescent bulbs, we hope IKEA’s leadership will be contagious.”

“The Alliance to Save Energy is very pleased to recognize IKEA for its steps in phasing out sales of inefficient incandescent light bulbs well ahead of the 2012 implementation date of new federal standards,” commented Jeffrey Harris, Vice President for Programs, Alliance to Save Energy. “As a leading retailer, IKEA will also be educating its customers to choose more energy-efficient lighting technologies, and thus helping to speed the coming market transition.”

Clearly, Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb discovery was a landmark 19th century invention. But times have changed. New discoveries prevail. And everyday sustainability practices are important to IKEA customers. People are questioning old habits and creating new lifestyles with a charge to be environmentally responsible – everyday in some simple way. Notably, it’s a never ending job!

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