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Do you have a friend who is about to get married anytime soon? Are you planning to throw off a party for her before she will tie up the knot? Then why not consider throwing off an eco-friendly bridal shower for her? This is a wonderful way to honor the bride-to-be especially if she’s an environmentally conscious person. If you need some help to pull off a great party, then you should read further. We are going to talk about how to throw off an awesome eco-friendly bridal shower in this post.

Why Bother Thinking About The Environment While Planning For A Party:

An eco-friendly bridal party is a practical celebration in many ways and one of which is that it will produce less post-consumer waste. Whenever we plan for a party our minds are focus more on how to have a great time and we think less of the waste we produce after the celebration. Plastic cups, paper plates, and left-over foods are often thrown away after the party and these products can cause harm in our environment. This trash will be lessened if the party is carefully planned so as not to harm our surroundings.

Another practical reason if you opt for an eco-friendly bridal shower is that you will be able to save more money because the trash will be reduced and almost nothing will be put to waste.

In addition to this, not only will you be able to save the environment but you are also setting up a trend that can be followed by others. Your party will be an effective call out message to others to be aware of our natural ecosystem and find some ways to take care of it.

Things To Consider In Throwing Off A Great Eco-Bridal Party:

Be earth-friendly and take care of the planet’s future as your help your friend prepare for hers. Here are some things you need to know so that you will be able to throw an awesome eco-friendly bridal shower:

1. Location of the party – When choosing for the area where the party is going to be held, try to find somewhere that has large windows to illuminate the indoors of your locations. The sun will provide the light for the party so that you will be able conserve on electric energy. Make sure that the sunlight will give enough light without having to hit directly on the sitting guests. Having these options will give a wholesome appeal to the party and save on the energy cost at the same time.

If in case sunlight is not sufficient in your area choosing, then what you can do is take the party into a more open space but just make sure to back up your idea just in case it rains.

2. Invitations – Here are some ways you can send you invites to the guests that will be attending the party:

  • Good – Purchase invitation cards that are made of recycled paper. It would also be better to write down the details of the party using vegetable based inks.
  • Better – Send it by means of postcard invitation. This will greatly reduced the need for envelopes which is obviously an unnecessary waste of paper.
  • Best – Send everything electronically through email (E-vites). For guests who don’t have email addresses, a simple phone call would suffice.

3. Dress to wear – Of course the party would not be complete without having these gorgeous dresses. Set the tone of the occasion by informing your guests to wear something simple with the exception of the bride (as she is the star of the night). Her mother can wear vintage mother of the bride dresses (or sexy mother of the bride dresses, if she can pull it off). While on the other hand, bridesmaids should wear something like modest bridesmaid dresses or even vintage bridesmaid dresses according to the style that will fit their figures.

4. Green party favors – Try these bridal shower crafts that you can give as favors or as games prizes:

  • A. Homemade paper craft – Collect all the scratch papers and scrap papers around your house (old letters, shopping list, post its, used envelopes, old greeting cards, old mails, recycled papers, or just about anything you are about to throw off). Add some dried petals, leaves, and grass to add texture to your project. Go to your computer and search the internet for some easy to follow paper-making tutorials. After your paper project dries, roll it up and tie a piece of ribbon for a pretty presentation!
  • B. Potpourri bag – Combine all the natural ingredients you can find such as flower petals, dried berries, orange peelings, herbs, and anything that can add to its fragrance. Pour in some essential oil to release the natural sweet-smelling scent of the ingredients. As for the bag, cut 2 pieces of organic fabric and sew them into small bags and leave the top open. Pour in your potpourri concoction and sew it shut to lock in the scent that could last for months. Adorn the bag with some raffia and tie it to a ribbon.

5. Go vegan – Choose to serve organic or vegetarian food to go with the theme of your party. You may ask some of you other friends to help with the preparation of the food. You can buy the ingredients from your local store or the nearby farmer’s market. Go healthy while supporting you local produce and be kind to the environment at the same time.

6. Eco-friendly table settings – Do away with anything that has to do with PLASTIC (cups, spoon & fork) or eve paper plates. Try to use plates and utensils that are made from constructed bamboo, veneerware, or sugar cane. These products are practical to use because if you decide to throw them afterwards, they will decompose naturally.

With these things mentioned above, you can now be assured of having a great time without having to worry about the environment. Your friend will surely appreciate the efforts you have exerted in turning this eco-party in to a success.


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