Google-campus-greenbusinessesGoogle reveals its greatest search results.

Google’s search was global. Massive. Yet personal. Google was scouring the world, looking for a special architect for their own new campus. According to Google Vice President of Real Estate, Dave Radcliffe, their Search Results culminated in two “Best in Class” architects, Bjarke Ingels from Denmark and Thomas Heatherwick from the UK.

Radcliffe assembled a veritable trifecta of function, form and beauty by teaming the ambitious, community-focused architect, Ingels and Heatherwick, renowned for his attention to human scale and beauty. The company that Revolutionized online search has now embarked on a paradigm-shifting mission to transform the workplace environment. They started with a question. “What is the best possible environment we can make to invent, engineer and make ideas happen?”

Google’s presence in Mountain View, California is so strong that the team felt the need to focus on developing a community, not a fortress. Rather than walls and ceilings that we’ve all grown accustomed to, picture super-light membranes of material–like a glass fabric draped across tent poles–effectually blurring the outside world from the inside work environment.

This new style of building draws less energy uses less water and capitalizes on the newest in technologies, materials and environmental development that can evolve as times change and needs change.

The buildings themselves allow for the public and employees to coexist and move through them together. A unique and vibrant work and community environment that would be inviting for even a lively weekend gathering. Where Nature and Technology hook up for a latte and a productive biz chat.

At the same time Google turned up the dial on nature, they are expanding land-use and redefining the relationship between transit and communities. Parking lots and greenhouses. Walls and wildlife.

In the new Google universe, trees are “street furniture” and the lines between inside and outside are blurry natural manifestations designed to protect the elements and foster maximum productivity.

After all, the old nature of buildings was to keep the elements out. Google is rebooting the building, breaking down the walls and, at its heart trying to give something back to the world that it did not have before.
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