After sharing our recent post on the crowdfunding campaign for MicroPower Chips, someone from MOVEO also contacted me about its campaign for its foldable electric scooter. This is the lightest such scooter out there, according to MOVEO, and it really does fold up in such a way that it is easily transportable — includes luggage wheels and all. It reminds me of the Transformers, one of the best cartoons ever (note: I haven’t seen the movie). Naturally, I couldn’t pass on covering this crowdfunding campaign.

foldable electric scooter

If you prefer videos, there’s one on the campaign page, where the crowdfunding push was just launched (like, moments ago). By the way, don’t be alarmed if you click on over to the campaign page and notice that it’s note on Kickstarter or IndieGogo. The crowdfunding platform is called JumpStartCity and is actually quite new. But anyway, back to the foldable electric scooter.

The goal of the campaign is to “complete the development and start a limited series production of [Moveo Co’s] ultra light weight folding electric scooter.” The majority of the $1.65 million (!) the company is aiming to raise would go back to the people who pledge in the form of gifts.

$1.65 million seems like quite a steep goal. But, apparently, about 15,000 visitors visited the campaign page even before it launched.

The scooter weighs 25 kilograms, has a carbon composite body, has 35 kilometers (22 miles) of range at 45 km/h (28 mph), uses the LiFePO batteries that recharge from empty to full in just an hour, and takes just a few seconds to fold up (watch the video).

By the way, a 10% discount on the scooter is being offered for every pledge made within the first 24 hours of the active stage.

Here’s one more interesting bit about JumpStartCity and the MOVEO campaign from the MOVEO rep who emailed me:

A new and expectedly very popular feature of the JumpStartCity crowd funding page, which was also driving Moveo to them is the promoter role: registered community members can apply to become promoters for events of their choice and can actually win awards after a successful campaign by advertising the event and thus helping to collect pledges.

Moveo builds on this feature very strongly and is going to offer several free and highly discounted scooters for top promoters helping to collect a minimum amount of pledges. They will actually give away any number of free scooters by leaving the top category open, so anyone reaching the threshold there will be eligible for a free scooter.

“MOVEO won the Renewable Energy Award in the Innovative Technology category at the 7th RENEXPO® Central Europe, Hungary’s leading energy trade fair and Central Europe’s Platform for renewable energy and energy efficiency,” the MOVEO website adds.

As with any vehicle, it’s not for everyone, but I could see a lot of cleantech and scooter enthusiasts getting excited about this one. I tried to get the MOVEO folks to give me a sample scooter to test out, but with just three prototypes built at the moment, they are all being tested and lugged around to exhibitions and such to get the company rolling. Maybe in the future….

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