Written by Megan Treacy on 29/03/10
FedEx says it will be the first U.S. delivery service to add all-electric trucks to their fleet. Starting in June, the company will enter four EVs into service in Los Angeles.

Two of the trucks will come from Navistar, based on a design the parcel service already is using in Europe. FedEx has 10 EV vans in London and five scheduled to enter routes in Paris. The other two trucks are coming from a yet unnamed company.

FedEx plans to eventually have electric charging stations powered by solar arrays or even the Bloom Energy Server at its various locations for its electic fleet to juice up.

While it slowly transitions to all-electric vehicles, the company is making good use of hybrid technology. They’ve been converting old trucks into hybrids and their Bronx, NY outpost exclusively uses hybrid vans.

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