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espyder_mainUltralight aircraft manufacturer Greenwing International has just released pricing for its latest all-electric airplane, the eSpyder – and, for just $39,990, you can park one in your garage today. In kit form, anyway.

According to GreenWing’s stated figures, the 32 hp electric motor can propel the eSpyder to maximum air speed of 68 mph. Peak efficiency, though, is found in an “economy cruise” mode that holds the tiny plane at 38 mph, which translates to about 90 minutes of flying time in between 2-3 hour battery charges. Granted, it ain’t Chip Yates’ baller ride – but it’s not bad, I think, for $40K. Keep in mind, though, that while this plane has already been certified by German aviation authorities (a first for an electric airplane, by the way) it has not been certified in the US. As such, the eSpyder will be offered as a kit-built plane, initially. The company hopes to offer it as a completed light sport aircraft soon.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that this “production version” of the eSpyder is a highly evolved variant of the eSpyder than Wired flew back in 2010. You can see Wired’s video of that flight at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

More pics over on Gas2.

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