It’s Easy Going Green: These 5 Apps Can Help

Molly Cutler is COO of The Cutler Group, a tech-focused PR agency specializing in innovative startups and technologies. She is an avid technologist and food junkie. Contact her through her food blog. Even if you’re not able or ready to fully adopt an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, there are a number of ways to contribute to the well-being of the planet and environment. Anything from unplugging appliances and cell phone chargers to riding the bus instead of driving to work are excellent places to start. Hopefully you employ some of these tactics in your daily life already. But for those who are unsure of where to go from here, the answer may be in mobile apps. Our mobile phones are already revolutionizing the way we complete regular tasks. In fact, there are a number of apps available to help you lead a green lifestyle without much hassle. Here are five great ones. Read more on Mashable...
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The Invisible Force Powering Today’s Most Visible Green Brands

"Green" has gone mainstream, and for many companies caring for the environment is not just a philosophy, it's a marketing strategy. So how does a company that's genuinely committed to green principles differentiate itself from its greenwashing competitors? Brand expert Richard Seireeni interviewed over two dozen "ecopreneurs" from a broad range of industries - home improvement, transportation, household products, food and beverage, energy, real estate, finance, and fashion. The collective experience of leaders such as Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm, Jeffrey Hollender of Seventh Generation, and the grandsons of Dr. Bronner, as well as other green experts, are a rich source of wisdom for green businesses getting off the ground or for any business aiming to improve its environmental performance. The result of these interviews is the discovery of "The Gort Cloud" - a term coined by the author that describes the vast and largely invisible network of NGOs, tre…
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