Honda’s new for 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid (it’s sold as the Honda “Jazz” outside the US) was leaked when photos for Japanese-market dealer brochures were uploaded to an Indian website earlier this week. Those photos, shown here, clearly show the 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid instrument cluster, as well as the compact’s slick new styling and interior upgrades.


Will the 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid Get a 3-cyl.?


Interestingly, there seems to be mention of a small, three-cylinder engine similar in displacement and layout to Ford’s 3-cylinder Ecoboost motor. Most likely, though, the US-bound examples of the new 2014 Honda Fit Hybrid, Fit EV, and “regular” Fit will make use of the current 1.2 and 1.4 liter units, as well as the current electric motors for the EV models.

We’ll post more updates as we get them, but you can head over to AutoExpress’ UK site for a more detailed “design analysis” of the Fit’s deeply creased bodywork and interior styling elements. Enjoy!


2014 Honda Fit Hybrid2014 Honda Fit Hybrid2014 Honda Fit Hybrid2014 Honda Fit Hybrid




Source | Photos: AutoExpress.

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