So, Halloween is the holiday most known for it’s spooky amounts of candy.

It starts out as a sweet little, “we’ll buy a bag to hand out to the disguised kids knocking on our door”; but then develops growing more horrific by the minute. “Okay, I’ll take one for myself.” “Let’s get an extra bag for us”. “Wow! I haven’t seen this candy since last year! Let’s get some!” From innocence to guiltiness, one by one we consume more and more candy; the result? – feeling terrible the following day, your face breaks out like a leprous zombie, and the creepy monster that roared the night before is feeling shameful and disappointed in itself.

To appease the candy vampire within, try serving one of these alternatives for yourself and/or the costumed minions rapping on your door.

ToT41) Fruit

Apples, Bananas, & Oranges all make great snacks and are sturdy enough to survive the night in a trick-or-treaters bag.

ToT52) Veggies

Chopped celery with peanut butter and raisins make a cute “ant on a stick” look that will make kids smile. Other raw foods like garlic (appeal to the vampire fandom), corn on the cob (appeal to the scarecrows), mini cabbages (look like brains for the zombie invasion), or baby carrots work as a fun and creative alternative to cursed candy.

3) Trail Mix

This can be found in snack packs, easy for handing out; but, provides the protein and fats our bodies need instead of the mass amounts of sugar infestation from candy. Plus, kids don’t mind this option too much!

4) Cheap Toys

Cheap toys can be found in bulk through different places, my personal favorite (for best bang for your buck) is oriental trading company. Maybe activity books, festive pencils, paddles, or rubber duckies sound more exciting to pass out. These don’t offer any sugar or fake ingredients to be gobbled up by the kids and will even work out their mind grapes.


Kind Bars5) Protein/energy bars

Always a healthier option. Protein and energy bars, such as KIND or CLIFF, offer vitamins, minerals, and proteins / fats the body craves. These would be a healthier option to pass out to the little Padawon or Princess Elsa at your front door.

WooBamboo6) Toothbrush & Toothpaste

It is always important to encourage good hygiene to all creepy crawlers. What better time than the Great Hallow’s Eve, to provide a new clean toothbrush to all the candy-stuffed children.

You probably do not want to break the bank to pass these out, but check out Woobamboo‘s selection of bamboo toothbrushes (maybe to spoil yourself!)


7) Oatmeal Packets

Easy to hand out and available in bulk, this snack provides warmth, comfort, and vitamins the body hungers for. Head’s up, the little rascals will probably prefer the brown sugar flavor.


GYGI8) Popcorn

Popcorn is by far one of the most fun snacks out there. Pop it before hand with the lightest amount of butter (to give it flavor and encourage the kids to enjoy) and stuff in festive bags for handing out. Popcorn is a grain that is natural from the Earth, unlike its candy competitors, which are synthetically made.

Want some eco-friendly popcorn packs? Check out Gold Medal at GYGI in Salt Lake City, UT!

ToT89) Pumpkin Seeds

The most festive of all the alternatives – pumpkin seeds. So, you went to Sprouts, bought some pumpkins for the kids to carve, and thought, “What am I to do with all these seeds and guts inside?” Roast em’ up in the oven and hand them out to the mischievous masked creatures on this spooky night.


These options may not be budget-friendly or most popular among the kiddos, but they are sure to encourage the green-friendly, health-conscious spirit we all share here at Green Businesses!


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