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As a Green Business we are in compliance with environmental regulations and take voluntary steps beyond compliance in the areas of: • Solid Waste Reduction
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Professional Window Cleaning Services To Meet Your Needs

Windows are not immune from soiling. Far from it in fact, as they are constantly exposed to the outdoor environment, and rapidly pick up grime. Take for instance the birds hopping onto the sills, and insects scurrying across the glass surface. They leave behind a trail of body waste, that is unsightly to look at, and ruins the appeal of the windows. Even something as simple as your pet pressing its nose and paws against the glass- like they enjoy doing when staring in or out of the building, will leave behind prints. Kids too are fond of doing it. They can also decide to get creative, grabbing the marker pens and making doodles on the windows. Sure it’s cute, but that is not something you want sticking around on the glass. There are those cases when grease splatters wind up on the window, especially as a result of cooking activities. Speaking of which, that backyard barbeque can also result in particles winding up on the windows. When the gunk accumulates, it can result in damage. For instance, dirt preventing the normal opening and closing of the window can cause one to exert too much force when operating it, causing breakages. Businesses that have put up adverts, promotions and offers on their storefront windows encounter residue problems when removing the stickers and posters. There are even cases where business owners report to work in the morning only to find that ruffians have messed up the windows, with graffiti all over. Add to this everyday soiling. The glass surface actually has tiny ridges and valleys, that trap dirt particles floating around- from the dust in the air, vehicle exhaust fumes, and cigarette smoke. These contribute to the dulling of the window, taking away its appeal. Heavy soiling is also witnessed in establishments where there were construction activities being carried out. These include issues ranging from paint overspray to mortar particles. Thorough cleaning operations are needed to restore the beauty to your windows.

Value Of Specialist Window Cleaning Services

Increased productivity
Whether at home or at the workplace, the state of the window affects the mood of the persons in the premises. Being greeted by soiled windows when you come home will dampen your spirits even before you walk through the front door. You can barely relax in your own house when each casual glance towards the window is met with dirt spots. Your brain will have registered the mess as a pending chore that needs to be done, which will interfere with your concentration in your tasks, and even prevent you from enjoying your sleep. How could you, when there’s a nagging voice at the back of your mind telling you to grab some cleaning supplies and make quick work of your windows? Even hosting guests becomes an issue, as the ruined curb appeal and state of affairs chips away at your confidence- not to mention that no one looks forward to those awkward questions from guests about dirty windows, which reflects negatively on your personality. In business premises, the dull and drabby windows set an unconducive working environment for your employees. Sometimes it can get so bad that the staff would rather draw the curtains and turn on the lights, in order to avoid the dingy window. Getting professional cleaning services will ensure that your windows remain in an optimal condition all through, enhancing the ambience and vibrance of the interior space, and allowing people to enjoy and focus on their tasks at home, and at the workplace.

Flexible pricing structure

With our window cleaning company, you dont have to worry about exorbitant prices. Our goal is to ensure that you’re satisfied with our services, and that includes offering them at affordable rates. The costs themselves are also not static. After all, different establishment and architectural designs each have their unique window cleaning needs. Our pricing enables the cost to be tailored to your individual situation. This includes factoring in aspects such as the size and number of windows- which dictate how much resources are needed for the cleaning, how much soiling is involved- as situations like regular cleaning are different from post-construction jobs, all through to those windows which require specialised treatment, such as the colonial glass and louver blind variants.

Window Cleaning Dublin

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