Enviro Tech International is a top supplier of stabilized n-propyl bromide and fluorinated solvents for industrial parts cleaning applications. Since our establishment in 1996, we’ve grown our small company from the ground up to become a formidable and trusted force in the industry. In fact, Enviro Tech has been the industry-leading provider of safer, greener solvents for almost 25 years.

Our story started with the invention of EnSolv® — an nPB-based solvent that revolutionized the industry. Our line of n-propyl bromide-based, non-ozone depleting industrial cleaning solvents was developed to replace more environmentally hazardous and toxic chemicals (like CFCs, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene) with safer, greener solutions that don’t sacrifice performance.

Enviro Tech has built upon their sustained success with the creation of our NEXT® generation fluorinated solvent line — products that, like EnSolv, are environmentally nonhazardous while remaining top of the line in product performance, and an even higher human exposure threshold.

Our products are manufactured in the United States under the direct supervision of Enviro Tech, ensuring only the best quality and accepting nothing less.